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Fred Again.. - Faisal (London Bridge Station)

A new Fred Again.. EP has arrived, but this time with a twist. It's made up of stripped-back versions of tracks from his last album, reworked at train stations around the UK and created using only a laptop and a piano (although I am guessing he didn't haul a Steinway with him to each of those places, but you never know!). The results of his labours are these five exquisite and (almost) beatless ambient works of art that will make you sink deep into your chair. For me, the pick of the bunch is 'Faisal', but they are all great.

Track Link: (Faisal)

Homework #1: Fred Again.. - Catrin (Liverpool St. Station) /

Homework #2: Fred Again.. - Kahan (Mallaig Station) /

Homework #3: Fred Again.. - Roze (Euston Station) /

Homework #4: Fred Again.. - Tanya (Salisbury Station) /

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