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Fred Again.. - Billie (Loving Arms)

I'm a bit conflicted with this one. There are moments when it truly shines, and everything, even the choice to modulate Billie Ray Martin's original vocals to make them sound eerily similar to Tracey Thorn in places, falls neatly into place. Plus, that iconic vocal hook never fails to give the 90s clubber in me a warm and fuzzy feeling from head to toe. But it's definitely missing the lightness of touch that he displayed on 'Julia' or the unofficial lockdown clubber's anthem 'Marea.' It's just got more bosh than the stuff that came before. Still really like it, though.

Homework #1: Fred Again.. - Julia (Deep Diving) /

Homework #2: BRM - Your Loving Arms (BiR Remix) /

Homework #3: Fred Again.. - Marea (We've Lost Dancing) /

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