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Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death (Soulwax Remix)

Is this the best Soulwax remix ever? Quite possibly. I know that's a bold statement to make based on a body of work that spans decades of quality output, but there's something about this rework that has blown me away more than usual. The original track is your expected Mark E Smith tribute (and it's excellent!), but, in the hands of Belgium's finest, it's been transformed into a peak time slice of shimmering late 70s New York sex club Disco. What they do is witchcraft, really. They way they twist the source material into aural perfection is second to none.

Homework #1: Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death /

Homework #2: Marie Davidson - WORK IT (Soulwax Mix) /

Homework #3: Fontaines D.C. - Boys In The Better Land /

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