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Foals - Wake Me Up (Remixes)

Two absolute corkers here. But when the source material is as good as 'Wake Me Up', it's pretty difficult to fuck it up. First up, Justice's Gaspard Augé and his current collaborator Victor Le Masne rework, all suitably French and filtered. But the one that's really tickling my fancy is the Flight Facilities remix. There's not much that has altered from the original, just a bit of beefing up here and there. But when that bassline drops, I doubt that there's a person on the planet who can resist giving their butt at least a little wiggle in their seat.

Track Link: (Flight Facilities Remix)

Track Link: (Gaspard Augé & Victor Le Masne Remix)

Homework #1: Foals - Wake Me Up /

Homework #2: Flight Facilities ft. Your Smith - Heavy /

Homework #3: Gaspard Augé - Force Majeure /

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