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FLO & Missy Elliott - Fly Girl

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Almost a year ago today, I wrote some lovely words about FLO's debut single, 'Cardboard Box'. They were along the lines of 'World Domination Beckons'. Well, I was right because this song is going to be the one that turns them into global superstars. It's a pristine slice of 2000s R&B that hits hard in the correct way, and even if it didn't have Missy Elliott both sampled (sort of) and as a feature, this would still make its way onto every radio on the planet within the next few months. The only appropriate word to use now is 'unstoppable'.

Homework #1: FLO - Cardboard Box /

Homework #2: Stormzy & FLO - Hide & Seek /

Homework #3: Missy Elliott - Work It /

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