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FILLY - Spinning

There's a lot of new music released this week, which is excellent news for me. Even better, the best stuff is from artists that are totally new to me. I really love it when that happens. Cue 'Spinning' by FILLY, a song that is so flawless in every way it's already booked a slot in my end-of-year chart. It's two and a half minutes of the purest and most heartwarming Pop I've ever heard. Yes, it's a cracking tune. But it's also lyrically perfect. 'A Million Little Raindrops Make A Rainbow After All'. I mean... that's beyond exquisite songwriting. Essential.

Homework #1: FILLY - Best Friend /

Homework #2: FILLY - Carousel /

Homework #3: FILLY - Motorola /

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