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FiFi Rong - Dream On

FiFi Rong is a name that I've previously associated with the artists like Tricky, Yello and numerous other Avant-Garde Pop behemoths going back through the last decade or so. But I am pretty sure that 'Dream On' might actually be her first solo material for a while, and it's absolutely gorgeous. An exquisitely detailed soundscape that washes over you in seemingly endless waves of sound, its intricate and aurally tactile four minutes are masterfully held together by a dreamlike vocal from Rong. If the likes of the Cocteaus, Kate Bush, or ANHONI are your bag, definitely give this some love.

Homework #1: Craig Armstrong & Liz Frazer - This Love /

Homework #2: ANOHNI - Drone Bomb Me /

Homework #3: Yello ft. Fifi Rong - Kiss The Cloud /

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