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Fear Of Tigers - Tiger Blood / Love Forever

I bet you £50 that by the time I've finished writing this review, someone will have put 'Tiger Blood' over one of those retro Aerobics competition videos on YouTube. It's an impeccably produced three-minute burst of synths, vocal samples, and all-around 80s shenanigans. Just listening to it is forcing me to go online and hunt for a pair of neon leg warmers and some rhinestoned Deely Boppers. 'Love Forever' moves things forward to the noughties, with nods towards early Madeon and Eric Prydz's more commercial output. Both tracks here are fun, infectious, and definitely worth seven minutes of your day.

Homework #1: 1989 USA National Aerobic Championship /

Homework #2: Madeon - Icarus /

Homework #3: Eric Prydz - Call On Me /

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