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Fear Of Tigers - Pizza Con Patate (And Others)

My absence has been poorly timed because Fear Of Tigers has unleashed an avalanche of new music since I've been away, and I've missed it! So, it's time to play catch-up! The excellent 'Don't Make Me Wait' reminds me of Deep Heat albums and that killer run of Sunscreem singles, while 'Dreaming Of You' and 'Running Out Of Love' are both smooth, uplifting delights. However, my favourite is 'Pizza Con Patate', which combines the opening credits to 'Press Gang' and the bit at the end of most '90s game shows where they all stood together waving and smiling like lunatics.

Homework 1 | Fear Of Tigers - Don't Make Me Wait /

Homework 2 | Fear Of Tigers - Dreaming Of You /

Homework 3 | Fear Of Tigers - Running Out Of Love /

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