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Fear Of Tigers - Let's Go Back In Time

My knowledge of Dance music as a teenager in the late eighties was shaped by listening to the Charts on a Sunday afternoon in my bedroom. Looking back, the two musical gateways to bigger and better things were Stock, Aitken & Waterman, and the Italian House invasion. When I first heard 'Numero Uno' by Starlight, I knew my future would be laden with repetitive beats, cut-up vocal samples of Soul singers and as many screaming pianos as possible. So, thank you, Fear Of Tigers, for, once again, taking me right back to where it all started. Long may it continue!

Homework #1: Starlight - Numero Uno /

Homework #2: F.P.I. Project - Rich In Paradise /

Homework #3: Jack N Chill - The Jack That House Built /

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