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Fear Of Tigers - Blin

My musical Kryptonite is those dance tracks built around stuff from the 80s or 90s. Pop a sample by Boy Meets Girl or The Jets on top of a beat, add a fat bassline, and I go weak at the knees. Fear Of Tigers has mastered the art of retro-sounding house music, and I am a fan. However, he has shifted towards a deeper progressive sound for his new mini-album, 'Blin', with outstanding results. There are five killers here, but the pick of the bunch is the title track. Beautifully layered and warm, it's giving me goosebumps. Get into it.

Track Link:


Homework #1: Fear Of Tigers - That's My Why /

Homework #2: Fear Of Tigers - My Girl /

Homework #3: Fear Of Tigers - Rain On You /

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