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Father John Misty - Funny Girl

What a way to start the year. This new track from Father John Misty is absolutely glorious! It's a full-on 1950s standard to a level that you'd be forgiven if you expected to hear Judy Garland or Johnny Ray's voice picking up the tune. It's masterfully put together. Drenched in strings and brass, I feel like I should be in full black tie when listening to it. I got actual chills across my body from the second it started. It's basically a classier, late-night version of 'Beauty School Dropout' from Grease, and I can't give it higher praise than that.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Frankie Avalon - Beauty School Dropout /

Homework #2: Johnny Ray - Cry /

Homework #3: Father John Misty - Nancy From Now On /

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