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Fatboy Slim - Bird of Prey (Horse Meat Disco Remix)

'Bird of Prey' is one of my least favourite Fatboy Slim singles. Always found it a bit dull, to be honest. Vauxhall's own HMD has been given the task of remixing it and they've done a sterling job. With a definite nod towards early 2000s remixes by the likes of Tom Neville and Tiefschwarz, it comes complete with the compulsory build, drop, and slam back in that every house tune back then came with, but all the while still feeling exciting and new. I can see this rocking the shit out of the dancefloor at the Eagle, and rightly so.

Homework #1: Holderman - Left/Right Switch (King Roc Dub)

Homework #2: Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Remix)

Homework #3: Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll (Tom Neville Mix)

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