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Fana Hues - Icarus

Very late to this one, but it's so damn good I need to spread the word. 'Icarus' is pretty much a perfect song. I am struggling to get my head around the fact that this is debut material. If you choose to start your track with that Midnight Cowboy sample, and you use it in the right way, you've got my attention. If you then decide to follow that up with the most perfectly pitched classic soul vocal imaginable and some incredibly ornate lyrical storytelling alongside it, you'll have me on my knees, probably crying, and helpless to resist. Astonishing.

Homework #1: Fana Hues - Notice Me /

Homework #2: Fana Hues - Snakes x Elephants /

Homework #3: Fana Hues - Desert Flower /

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