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Faithless vs David Guetta - God Is A DJ

Oh, this puts me in a bit of a pickle. I always thought it was one of the weaker Faithless singles. Existing solely to be played loudly at festivals and lacking the texture and detail their earlier stuff had in abundance. Also, my distaste towards David Guetta is legendary. I've only liked his material when it's been remixed by someone else (take a bow, Wally Lopez). Oh, and 'Titanium', too. But that's mainly down to Sia. So, colour me surprised that I don't hate this new collaboration. Chunkier and with some neat little touches. Basically, I'm saying it doesn't suck.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Faithless - God Is A DJ /

Homework #2: Faithless - Salva Mea /

Homework #3: David Guetta - Just... (Wally Lopez Remix) /

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