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Everything But The Girl - Nothing Left To Lose

Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn have been enjoying an extended break. In fact, this is their first new music together since 1999's 'Temperamental'. Thankfully, the new single 'Nothing Left To Lose' is excellent. They are sticking to what they do best, quality Electronica and I'm getting a strong Bicep vibe from the track, especially the beats. But that's understandable as many of the current crop of dance producers would have taken their cues from EBTG's 90s body of work, particularly the seminal 'Walking Wounded' album. Thorn's vocals have matured, too, and suit the song perfectly. This is a killer comeback.

Track Link:

Homework #1: EBTG - Walking Wounded /

Homework #2: Ben Watt - Lone Cat (Holding On) /

Homework #2: Tracey Thorn - Dancefloor /

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