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ELIOT & Silverhook - Neon Bluebird (Original & Remixes)

I've held off writing this one up for a couple of weeks because I knew there were remixes on the way that knocked me on my ass the first time I heard them, so I waited. The original is a quality slice of 80s electronic pop, with a cracking hook and gorgeous vocals. But it's the Silverhook reworks that take things to the next level here. Perfectly crafted, masterfully produced, built for those moments when only a bottle of Poppers will do. Arguably the best work he's ever done, they are up there among my favourite tracks of the year.

Track Link: (Original)

Track Link: (Silverhook Remix)

Homework #1: ELIOT ft. Beth Hersch - Let The Sun Rise /

Homework #2: Silverhook ft. Tareq - Milk (Ross Jones Remix) /

Homework #3: Tareq - You And Me (Silverhook Remix) /

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