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Duran Duran - GIVE IT ALL UP (Erol Alkan Stripped Remix)

Erol Alkan produced almost every song on Duran Duran's recent album, 'FUTURE PAST', which provided some of the best singles of their career (listen to their collaboration with CHAI below). So it makes sense that he would eventually deliver some reworks to go with it. His chosen track is 'GIVE IT ALL UP', and my pick is his excellent 'Stripped' mix. The vocals are gone, and he's built a full-on instrumental club tune around the main hook. It's pretty amazing and reminds me of 'Can U Dance' by Fast Eddie, and I can't think of any higher praise than that.

Homework #1: Duran Duran ft. Tove Lo - GIVE IT ALL UP /

Homework #2: Duran Duran ft. CHAI - MORE JOY /

Homework #3: Fast Eddie - Can U Dance /

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