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Duran Duran ft CHAI - More Joy

'More Joy' is the best Duran Duran single for years. It's an absolute high octane riot from beginning to end. It's not just the welcome inclusion of everyone's favourite Japanese DIY pop band, CHAI (who only do a little bit of shouting in the background) or the magical production and songwriting touches of both Erol Alkan or Graham Coxon that make it so good. It's simply a case of it being a really upbeat, fun song with echoes of old school stuff like 'Planet Earth'. If the rest of their upcoming material is as great as this, bring it on.

Homework #1: Duran Duran - Planet Earth /

Homework #2: CHAI - ACTION /

Homework #3: Erol Alkan - Automatic (LA Priest Remix) /

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