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Duncan Gray - Punish (Acid Mix)

I began my clubbing journey and accompanying obsession with electronic music in about 1990, and I fucking love me some Acid House. I was a massive fan of that raw, nasty, sound that Hardfloor favoured in the 90s. But I was also very partial to the slower, more straightforward, and groovier tracks, built around a single, simple, acid line. Which is precisely what Duncan Gray has delivered here. It's fantastic. You can get this track on the Viscera 'Galactic Service Broadcasting Vol.2 compilation album which is raising funds for Shelter in the UK. Go buy it at the link below!

Homework #1: Human League - Filling Up (Hardfloor Dub) /

Homework #2: Hardfloor - Acperience 1 /

Homework #3: Phuture - Acid Tracks /

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