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Dubstar - Token (Single Mix)

This is triggering a lot of happy memories for me. Dubstar delivered a stream of incredible singles in the mid-nineties, with a load of pretty fantastic remixes to boot. Tracks like 'Stars' and 'Not So Manic Now' were arguably some of the finest pop songs of the decade. When I saw their new single, 'Token', had appeared on my Spotify a couple of days ago, I let out an actual squeal. It's as if they were never away. It's lyrically perfect, as usual, with Sarah Blackwood sounding exquisite. But most importantly, there's a whacking great tune behind it all. Heavenly. Track Link:

Homework #1: Dubstar - Not So Manic Now /

Homework #2: Dubstar - Stars (Way Out West Remix) /

Homework #3: Dubstar - Tectonic Plates /

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