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dreary - Fairground (Saint Etienne Remix)

Not content with being arguably the most incredible singles band the UK has ever produced (fight me), Saint Etienne occasionally enjoy nothing more than dipping their toe into the world of remixes. Cue their rather marvellous rework of dreary's debut single, 'Fairground'. It's a match made in heaven, to be honest. The original track is the sort of floating, ethereal Indie I used to sit in my bedroom and listen to back in the nineties (think the Cocteau Twins or Slowdive but with a breakbeat), and this blissed out, sensory Weatherall-Esque update is hitting every button for me. More, please!

Homework #1: dreary - Fairground /

Homework #2: Saint Etienne - Hug My Soul /

Homework #3: Boat Club - Memories (Saint Etienne) /

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