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Don Turi ft. La Chica - Connection Lost (Yuksek Remix)

Sometimes I miss a track by a couple of months, so I decide not to write it up. The particular moment has passed. But there are the odd occasion where I find something that's so mind-blowingly perfect it would be a crime against humanity to ignore it—Yuksek's remix of Don Turi's 'Connection Lost' warrants that treatment. There aren't enough superlatives on the plant to describe it. It's one of the best things I've heard in ages. So let's say that if Mark Moore woke up one morning decided to record a new S'Express album, this would be on it.

Homework #1: S'Express - Mantra For A State Of Mind /

Homework #2: Don Turi ft. Florent Mateo - Dark Tunnel /

Homework #3: Don Turi ft. La Chica - Connection Lost /

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