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DJ Seinfeld & Confidence Man - Now U Do

I find myself in uncharted waters with this single. I've been screaming about Confidence Man since I heard 'Bubblegum' back in 2017, but this track is the first time that I haven't immediately fallen head over heels in love with something they have released. Don't get me wrong, this hook up with DJ Seinfeld is a solid enough tune. As a friend commented the other day, it's 'all swirls and flutes', and I'll never tire of Janet Planet's perfectly pitched vocals. But it feels overly safe compared to all the gloriously batshit crazy adventures they've taken us on so far.

Homework #1: DJ Seinfeld - She Loves Me /

Homework #2: CHAI - END (Confidence Man Remix) /

Homework #3: Confidence Man - Bubblegum /

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