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DJ Koze - Wespennest

If he wasn't busy enough carrying out production duties on the new Róisín Murphy album, DJ Koze is still taking the time to push out new material of his own. If you will, imagine for a moment that Marlene Dietrich was in her late teens in the 90s and brought up on a diet of House Music instead of Torch Songs. That's the sound I hear when I listen to 'Wespennest'. Deep, tough, and with a sultry vocal from Sophia Kennedy. In fact, this is so amazing it can have its own genre. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to 'Neo-Dietrich'. Stunning.

Homework #1: DJ Koze - Pick Up /

Homework #2: Róisín Murphy - Fader /

Homework #3: Låpsley - Operator (DJ Koze's Extended) /

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