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DJ Jauche - Moments With Anne (Ron Basejam Remix)

Wanna boogie? If you do, then I have just found the perfect track for you! The original mix of 'Moments With Anne' is definitely worth your time. It's a glittering acid disco tune that sounds like it's made out of stardust. However, I am more drawn towards the more 70s funk-laden rework by the superbly named Ron Basejam, better known as James Baron of Crazy P. As with all of his productions, it's got such an effortlessly clean sound. Anyway, you'll all have to excuse me now. I'm off to buy a velveteen Adidas tracksuit and some new roller boats.

Homework #1: Crazy P - Never Gonna... (Hot Toddy Remix) /

Homework #2: DJ Jauche - Moments With Anne /

Homework #3: Ron Basejam - Love Don't Wait /

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