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Diana Ross ft. Tame Impala - Turn Up The Sunshine

I've been curious to hear this from the second I read that this unlikely twosome would join forces to record something for the upcoming Minions movie. Production-wise, it's a nod to the early 80s Niles Rodgers produced 'Diana' era. But alongside that smooth funk sound, Tame Impala's trademark psychedelics elevate Miss Ross to a whole new level. Imagine the euphoria of 'I'm Coming Out', but on a shit load of really good acid. The rest of the soundtrack looks great (St Vincent covering 'Funky Town'? Yes, please!), and after hearing this masterpiece, I am beyond excited for what's to come.

Homework #1: Diana Ross - Upside Down /

Homework #2: Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday /

Homework #3: Diana Ross - Take Me Higher (BT Remix) /

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