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Denise Chaila - C H A I L A

Cheating time again as this has been around since June. But as Denise Chaila's album has just released, I am entirely at liberty to shout from the rooftops about completely how amazing this is. It's flawless and easily one of my favourite tracks of the year. Everything about this is on point. The production is clean as a whistle, with a strong Eastern influence front and centre. However, the undeniable star here is the power and intelligence within the lyric, coupled with the absolutely killer delivery of the vocal. Chaila is obviously an immense talent, and I am totally obsessed.

Homework #1: Denise Chaila - Anseo /

Homework #2: Denise Chaila - Rí Rá /

Homework #3: Denise Chaila - Move /

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