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Dawn Richard - Bubblegum

Remember Danity Kane? They came out of MTV's 'Making The Band'. As tends to happen when a pop group is forced into existence, it implodes quickly. In their case, the break-up was fifteen years ago, but ex-member Dawn Richard hasn't sat still since. Her new single 'Bubblegum' just dropped, and it's spicy as fuck. It's one of those tracks that forces your body to move within seconds of it starting, whether you want it to or not. Everything here is on point. Beats, bass and a killer vocal. It's also better than anything from the recent Beyoncé album (fight me).

Homework #1: Dawn Richard - Nostalgia /

Homework #2: Diddy Dirty Money - Love Come Down /

Homework #3: Danity Kane - Show Stopper /

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