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Dannii Minogue - Blame It On The Music (AMYL Remix)

Updated: May 25, 2023

Growing up in the late eighties was both a blessing and a curse. Section 28 loomed large over everything I did and was, but on the other hand, Stock, Aitken & Waterman existed. It's impossible to underestimate how important those four-minute blasts of high-energy, cowbell-filled escapism were to a little boy who didn't quite know his place in the world yet but knew he loved to dance. It's a sound that I will never tire of, and this incredible Poppers O'Clock remix from AMYL of 'Blame It On The Music' from Dannii Minogue's 'Neon Nights' reissue keeps the party going.

Homework #1: Company B - Fascinated /

Homework #2: Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover /

Homework #3: Mel & Kim - Showing Out (Get Fresh...) /

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