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Dan Wainwright - Ceremony

Taken from his outstanding 'Rituals' EP, every time I listen to Dan Wainwright's 'Ceremony' I hear something different in it. I don't even really know what genre of music this release is. I'm not even going to try and categorise it either. I will enjoy the fact it is a joyful noise - layered elements of Bhangra, downtempo Techno, 90s Indie Dance, and a hypnotising and devastating bassline all combined into a genuinely unique track. I have zero doubts as to how huge this would be on a proper sound system. Seriously out there, and all the better for it.

Homework #1: Dan Wainwright - Raindance /

Homework #2: Dan Wainwright - A Blessing /

Homework #3: Dan Wainwright - Keep Me Hangin' On /

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