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Damon Albarn - The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows

From as far back as I can remember, I've always found Damon Albarn's voice relaxing. I don't mean 'Girls and Boys' and 'Song 2' style, of course. More the likes of 'Tender' or 'To The End'. Something about it makes you feel like you're in a safe pair of hands, especially when it's coupled with a track as gorgeous as this one (that comes with an overlong title that I'm not going to type again). It's five minutes of blissful tranquillity with his vocals floating gracefully over the top, anchoring the whole thing in place. It's all really rather lovely.

Homework #1: Blur - To The End /

Homework #2: Blur - Tender /

Homework #3: Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots /

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