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Daði Freyr X ÁSDÍS - Feel The Love

Happy New Year to you all! It is universally acknowledged that 2020 will 100% go down in history as a giant pile of poop. So I'd thought I'd start 2021 with something so spectacularly positive and upbeat it will put a smile on our collective faces that will hopefully last a whole twelve months. This new single from Daði Freyr, featuring vocalist ÁSDÍS, is fantastic fun. In his unmistakable Europop style, it's sparking the same levels of reckless joy that I sometimes get when I hear songs like 'Rhythm of the Night' by DeBarge. Give it a listen, it's great.

Track Link:

Homework #1: DeBarge - Rhythm Of The Night /

Homework #2: Gromee ft. ÁSDÍS - Worth It /

Homework #3: Daði Freyr & Millie Turner ​– What Is Love /

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