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Daði Freyr - 10 Years

I still don't understand how they will manage it, especially as the pandemic is now on the rise again in mainland Europe, but there will be a Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. Iceland's Daði Freyr had an inevitable victory snatched away from him with one of last year's biggest earworms, 'Think About Things'. But he definitely made lemonade out of lemons, putting out some of the catchiest pop music of 2020. He is trying his luck this year with an irresistibly catchy feelgood Disco number called '10 Years'. It's more of the same, but who cares? Iceland for the win!

Homework #1: Daði Freyr - Think About Things /

Homework #2: Daði Freyr X ÁSDÍS - Feel The Love /

Homework #3: Daði Freyr - Ja Ja Ding Dong /

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