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D.O.D - On The Run

For a generation of 90s clubbers, the Barbara Roy vocal here will forever be linked to 'Son of a Gun' by JX. That's no bad thing. There's a limit to the material you can use on a screaming house tune as a sample. 'On The Run' is a solid club stomper and has put a massive smile on my face today, which is what counts. But why is it so short? The original is only a snip over two minutes long, with an 'extended' version landing at around four minutes. That's hardly enough time to get your butt wiggling, right?

Homework #1: D.O.D ft. Carla Monroe - Still Sleepless /

Homework #2: JX - Son Of A Gun /

Homework #3: E,P & P ft. Barbara Joy - Touch & Go /

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