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Creep Show (John Grant & Wrangler) - Yawning Abyss

At the risk of sounding more than a wee bit filthy, who among us doesn't love a squelchy John Grant moment? He's teamed up with Industrial Electro outfit Wrangler for this new project, and the first fruit of that partnership is an absolute belter of a song. For those already familiar with his solo material, and despite the ominous title, 'Yawning Abyss' comes across as a bouncier, infinitely happier version of 'Pale Green Ghosts'. One that's been through an intense amount of therapy, coming out the other side with a family pack of antidepressants and a spring in its step.

Homework #1: Creep Show - Bungalow /

Homework #2: John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts /

Homework #3: Wrangler - Anthropocene /

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