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Corinne Bailey Rae - Red Horse

After hearing the glorious' New York Transit Queen', I hoped we would get a Punk album from Corinne Bailey Rae. However, the subsequent singles we've had from her have returned to the Soul vocals we know her for, but there has been a definite shift in how she delivers them. The production of her new material is next level. Tracks like 'Peach Velvet Sky' could come from a Kate Bush record, and the incredible 'Red Horse' is one of those perfect otherworldly, almost ambient numbers that make you sink deep into your chair each time you listen to it. Heavenly.

Homework #1: Corinne Bailey Rae - Peach Velvet Sky /

Homework #2: Corinne Bailey Rae - NYTQ /

Homework #3: Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star /

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