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Connie Constance - Costa Del Margate

Every Friday (the day music is released here in the UK) I spend time listening to the new singles out that week. Sometimes it's worth taking a punt on a name you've not seen before and, as I am a sucker for alliteration, I thought I'd give Connie Constance a try. Thank fuck I did because she's an absolute powerhouse. Taken from a great EP called 'The Butterfly Club', the fantastically named 'Costa Del Margate' is a driving slice of Indie soaked power pop with balls the size of space hoppers. Her deeper catalogue is definitely worth a listen, too.

Homework #1: Connie Constance - James /

Homework #2: Connie Constance - Monty Python /

Homework #3: Connie Constance - English Rose /

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