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Confidence Man x Daniel Avery - On & On (Again)

I don't think anyone could have predicted a fusion of 'Born Slippy' and mid-90s Saint Etienne on their 'Confidence Man's 2023 Bingo Card', but that's precisely what they've delivered with this new single. The band has recently inked a deal with a major label and has been working with some notable producers, so you can expect more great music from them throughout the year. First up, we have this punchy collaboration with Daniel Avery that hits hard. It perfectly blends Avery's darker Electronica and their upbeat, maximalist Pop sound. This is going to be all over the festivals this summer.

Homework #1: Daniel Avery - Ultra Truth /

Homework #2: Confidence Man - Holiday /

Homework #3: DMA'S - For Now (Confidence Man Remix) /

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