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Confidence Man - I Can't Lose You

Is anyone living life better than Confidence Man is right now? From the incredible music to their extraordinary live shows and even running secret daytime parties across London, it's all done at 1000%. It only took about three or four seconds into their pumping, phenomenal new single, 'I Can't Lose You,' before I was grinning like a motherfucker. On top of that, the video features them flying over the capital in a helicopter stark bollock naked. Given the state of the world today, and if you feel the need to disengage your brain, this is everything you need. Absolutely Eu-phor-ic!

Homework 1 | Confidence Man - Feels Like... /

Homework 2 | Confidence Man - Boyfriend (Repeat) /

Homework 3 | Confidence Man - First Class Bitch /

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