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Confidence Man - First Class Bitch (Raf Rundell Remix)

It's no mystery to anyone who has been following my journey on here that I am a wee bit obsessed with Confidence Man. So seeing some new remixes of the showstopping 'First Class Bitch' appear last week has made me beyond happy. Out of the three, Raf Rundell's electro 'Party Nails' version comes out on top (by some margin). He's tweaked the vocal, added a driving beat and bassline, and it's building and dropping in all the right places. The whole package is taking me back to early 2000s Sunday nights out dancing in Vauxhall, and I fucking love it.

Homework #1: DMA'S - For Now (Confidence Man Remix) /

Homework #2: The 2 Bears - Angel /

Homework #3: Confidence Man - First Class Bitch /

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