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Confidence Man - Firebreak

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Confidence Man have not put a foot wrong since their debut 'Boyfriend (Repeat) in 2016. There's not been a duff tune from them in over seven years. It's been a steady stream of uplifting, fearless, and pretty much perfect Pop numbers since the beginning. Their new single 'Firebreak' is another huge, carefree and euphoric throwback to the early Nineties, and you'll be shouting "Y'all Ready For This?" every time that riff kicks in. Oh, and they should immediately head back into the studio with Betty Boo to create a full vocal version of this. But that's just common sense, right?

Homework #1: Confidence Man - Feels Like... /

Homework #2: 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This /

Homework #3: Betty Boo - Doin The Do /

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