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Clara Luciani - C'est L'amour

Everybody knows that most songs get better when sung in a foreign language (check out the spectacular Hindi twist on 'I Will Survive' below). So when I saw a French version of 'I Feel Love', I slammed the play button so hard it's a miracle I didn't break anything. I have little knowledge of Clara Luciani. However, as she apparently ends her live sets with this cover, I now need to find out everything about her and where she's playing so I can go to every single gig to experience that undoubtedly electrifying moment as many times as I can.

Homework #1: Clara Luciani - La Grenade /

Homework #2: Usha Uthup - Lelo Dil Mera /

Homework #3: Donna Summer - I Feel... (Patrick Cowley) /

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