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Claptone ft. DIZZY - Queen Of Ice (Original & Remixes)

I'd been avoiding Claptone recently as it was all getting a bit samey for me. Luckily, a treasured friend of mine, who knows exactly how my ears work, pointed these three exquisite tracks in my direction, and I'm wholly back on board. The original is an absolutely gorgeous, atmospheric, stripped-back slice of chilled electronica, and there's also a poptastic rework from the ever-reliable Pet Shop Boys. But the real MVP here is the Nora En Pure Club Mix, which crafts a throbbing house track around the flawless vocal from DIZZY, which builds and drops in all right places. Total dynamite.

Track Link (Original):

Track Link (Pet Shop Boys Remix):

Track Link (Nora En Pure Remix):

Homework #1: Claptone - Wake Up (Tom & Collins Mix) /

Homework #2: Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit (Claptone) /

Homework #3: Gorillaz - We Got The Power (Claptone) /

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