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Chris Stapleton With Dua Lipa - Think I'm In Love With You (Live)

There's been a huge surge in the popularity of Country music over the past couple of years. While I have no issue with that, people tend to rush towards the lowest common denominator (AKA whatever the radio tells them they should listen to) instead of searching for the quality. If they had put in the legwork, they would have found Chris Stapleton. He has one of the best, most soulful voices around right now. This single, a live duet with Dua Lipa at the ACM Awards, proves that, and there's so much more in his catalogue you should check out.

Homework 1 | Chris Stapleton - Think I'm In Love With You /

Homework 2 | Chris Stapleton - White Horse /

Homework 3 | Chris Stapleton - You Should Probably Leave /

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Jun 06

Also worth checking is Nathaniel Rateliff, either solo (his song And It’s Still Alright is a thing of beauty) or with his band The Night Sweats. Great voice, not quite all out country as Chris Stapleton but they are quite in tue same pool of great singers.

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