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Cerrone & Purple Disco Machine - Summer Lovin'

Most people tend to head directly to 'Supernature' when discussing Cerrone. It's a corker of a track, but ignoring the rest of his output feels like buying a cake, only eating the icing, and never discovering the jammy, creamy goodness in the middle. Taken from an upcoming album of reworks of his music, he's teamed up with Purple Disco Machine to update 'Got To Have Loving' by Don Ray, which he produced, and their new version is just immense. It's absolutely bursting with joy. Tailor-made for when the lights come up on the dancefloor at the end of the night.

Homework #1: Don Ray - Got To Have Loving /

Homework #2: Cerrone - Supernature /

Homework #3 Sucker DJs - Lotta Lovin' /

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