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Celeste - I Can See The Change

All eyes are on Celeste with those pre-career plaudits and what I would assume are some pretty hefty expectations within the Polydor finance department. 'Stop this Flame' was solid enough, with a great Black Madonna remix, but this new track is such a crushing bore I am already starting to lose interest in her. I totally get what she's trying to do. A new twist on Billie Holliday. But it all just comes across as 'Some Day I'll Fly Away' on Mogadon. Låpsley's 'Speaking of the End' is a far superior example of how it should be done (link below).

Homework #1: Celeste - Stop This Flame (BM Remix)

Homework #2: Billie Holliday - Strange Fruit /

Homework #3: Låpsley - Speaking of the End /

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