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Cast Of Encanto - We Don't Talk About Bruno

I've not followed the Top 40 for years. I get far too annoyed that people listen to the wrong songs. That means I completely missed out on 'Havana' by Camilla Cabello. Before I wrote this, I gave it a go. I didn't care for it. But that's totally fine because we now have 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' from Disney's Encanto, which is an exact copy of it, but approx. a million times better. It's a total earworm. Also, it's #1 as I type this, so that's nice. Maybe the singles charts are improving? Let me check. Nope... still shite.

Homework #1: Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug - Havana /

Homework #2: Jessica Darrow - Surface Pressure /

Homework #3: We Don't Talk About Bruno (Instrumental)_ /

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