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Capricorn - 20hz (Andert Tysma Remix)

I have happy memories of the original mix of '20hz' from my Sunday evening sessions in Turnmills in the early nineties. It was one of the tracks that (along with my drugs kicking in) signposted the start of the night proper. But that was thirty years ago now, and to mark that milestone, R&S Records have just released this absolutely stunning ambient rework from Andert Tysma. Gone are the snare drums and driving Euro beats. They've been replaced by seemingly endless layers of the most tranquil and comforting sounds you've ever heard. Grab your headphones and dive in head first.

Homework #1: Capricorn - 20hz /

Homework #2: Andert Tysma - Invitation /

Homework #3: Jaydee - Plastic Dreams /

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