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BT ft. Iraina Mancini - The War (The Private Language Remix)

To coin a well-known phrase from a sport that I have zero interest in, this is a game of two halves. The softer moments are a wee bit dull and sound like something the Corrs would have done back in the late 90s. However, when the track finally drops into its full-on party Drum & Bass mode, it's absolutely phenomenal. Especially the vocal, which soars. I understand why you need the calm before the storm to make it leap out in the way it does, but there isn't enough cohesion between the different sections. It's still a great remix, though.

Homework #1: Iraina Mancini - Shotgun /

Homework #2: BT - Remember /

Homework #3: Howard Jones & BT - The One... (Lifelike) /

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